About Us

Life Coats are highly mastered manufacturers, suppliers and applicators of gamazine and granite coatings. We manufacture the highest quality products and work along side the best sourced applicators in South Africa to ensure our customers are fully satisfied from start to finish.



"Gamazine" is a granular plaster which is suitable for both interior and exterior wall and ceiling coatings. Our experienced team prides themselves on our unique coating, which consists of ply sand, selected stones and flexible polymers. This careful blend ensures you a product with a modern edge that is built to last. Available in variants of 1.8mm, 1.1mm, 0.8mm and smooth finish. These variants produce a desired, trowel applied, raked or swirled finish in various patterns.



"Granite" is a natural stone coating - an inspired look stemmed from the timeless granite rock. This coating has its own distinctive style. The coating is created by using a natural graded stone mixed with a polymer binder. The polymer dries to a clear film leaving the stone colours to stimulate the appearance of a stone cladded façade.  This product can be applied onto raw plaster, concrete columns and more. "Undercoat" is applied underneath to bond the product, thus providing a long term resilience and strength. 



Life Coats is a distributor of Prominent Paints, thus allowing us to offer an extensive range of product solutions to our customers, both in-store and online.

Prominent Paints' comprehensive range of quality paint ensures durable exterior and interior decorative finishes. Our colour match team works hands on with clients to insure accuracy of customer vision.