Gamazine Surface Preparation

Life Coats are highly mastered manufacturers, suppliers and applicators of textured wall coatings.
The secret, however, is all in the wall preparation!
Our powerful combination of an umbrella coat and undercoat before the final product, creates a blend that offers the best protection and decorative value.

We ensure that these 3 stages are implemented in every project. That is what sets us apart from the rest!



Umbrella Coat is typically applied from the floor, 1 meter upward to ensure any rising damp occurrences  are eliminated. It is very important to take all the necessary steps during the preparation stage.

This product consists of a concentrated resin & glue for deep penetration into the treated area. We can't stress the importance of this product enough! It insures our product and the contractors product is maintained in optimal condition. 



Undercoat, also known as levelling coat is applied to the surface before Textured Wall Coatings. This bonds the material to any hard surfaces, include cement, asbestos, wood, fiberglass, gypsum, steel or tiles.

The undercoat consists of a resin to eliminate damp and ensure cracks are closed and hardened, creating an extended lifespan.



Textured Wall Coatings are available in various grits, namely: 1.8 and 1.1 grit, suede finish and a fine moon dust finish.

We have over 20 standard colours displayed within our showroom and online store,​ as well as a vast colour range which is available upon request. ​