Access Acrylic PVA

Access Acrylic PVA

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Prominent Paints Access Acrylic PVA is a high hiding acrylic paint for interior and exterior use for correctly prepared new plaster and concrete and a top coat for various types of cementitious substrates. It is a durable Acrylic PVA with a low VOC / odour and dries to a matt finish.

Products Applications:
Walls (Interior  & Exterior), Ceilings (Interior & Exterior) and Interior & Exterior 

Access Acrylic PVA is available in white in the following pack sizes: 5lt and 20lt

Appearance: Matt.
Spreading Rate: 6 - 10m²/l dependent on surface texture and porosity.
Solids: ± 50% by mass and 30% by volume.
Density: 1,42kg/l.
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 40μm per coat
Viscosity at 23°C: ± 115Kμ.
Flash Point: Non-flammable.
Respecting the environment: Dispose of excess product and containers in a responsible manner without harming the environment.

  • Keep containers properly sealed. 
  • Store away from direct heat, sun and severe cold in a place with adequate ventilation.

Available Sizes: 5Lt and 20Lt