Access Basic Matt
Access Basic Matt
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Access Basic Matt

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Prominent Paints Access Basic Matt is a water based acrylic PVA paint for interior use. It has good coverage and sealing properties and is ideal for application on prepared and primed new plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of cementitious boards.

Products Applications:
Walls (Interior), Ceilings (Interior), and Interior 

Access Basic Matt is available White, Cream White and Coffee in the following pack sizes: 5lt and 20lt

Appearance: Matt.
Spreading Rate: 4 - 8m²/l dependent on surface texture and porosity.
Solids: ± 32% by mass and ± 15% by volume.
Density: ± 1, 25 kg/l.
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 40 μm per coat.
Viscosity at 23°C: ± 110Kμ.
Flash Point: Non-flammable.
Respecting the environment: Dispose of excess product and containers in a responsible manner without harming the environment.

  • Keep containers properly sealed. 
  • Store away from direct heat, sun and severe cold in a place with adequate ventilation.

Available Sizes: 5Lt and 20Lt
Colours: White, Cream & Coffee